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What is Pluto?

In short, Pluto is a solution for the obvious lack of human interaction on social media.

Never before have we been so connected, but never before have some people felt so alone. Pluto is about remembering what it means to connect. It’s about learning and growing together. It’s about taking things we learn from the community and applying them in real life. It’s about smiling, making eye contact and being the first to say hello. Never before have we been so connected but never before have some people felt so alone. We’re here to fix it.

We’re aiming to create an entire online community where members can have conversations about anything and everything, free of judgment. We want our users to talk about their passions, inspirations, fears and dreams.

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How does it work?

We match you up based on interests

No more awkward elevator conversations

We hand-pick conversation partners that share at least one interest with you. It’s now easier than ever to share your passions and viewpoints while relating to those of your partner’s.

We work around your schedule

Talking on your time

People have busy lives, and you’re not an exception. We will create a space for conversation around your schedule so that you can focus more on the current conversation than on future events.

Connect with good company

Talk about things that matter to both parties

Log on to Pluto on your laptop or desktop, and talk with a like-minded partner during the times you both decide on. Let the conversation take you to different places, and explore concepts you’ve never dreamt of.